Highest cleanliness and materials approved for direct food contact, determine the requirements for conveyor belts in the food sector. BGKENDLOSBÄNDER are used, among other things, when it comes to implementing the food in sales units, such. As in the cutting and packaging of sausage, but also in special tasks such as the production of turned pastry.

BGKSILIKONBÄNDER are the first choice in direct contact of the food with the belt, since they meet the EU and FDA requirements, have a high coefficient of friction, are temperature resistant, the cargo adheres without sticking, they are easy to clean and also washable and stay dimensionally stable.

But BGKENDLOSBÄNDER are also used in packaging systems for food. For hand-weighed food as once in the mom and pop shop are now largely history. The majority of the products we buy in the supermarket are already packed. And in the plants where our food “comes in the bag”, numerous conveyor belts are needed – whether for horizontal and vertical tubular bag packaging, strapping, labeling, sleeve winder or for folding carton production.