Despite digitization, every day billions of letters are sent on their journey every day.

To bring them safely and, above all, fast to the man or the woman, the facilities of the major international postal authorities and other major postal service providers are equipped with state-of-the-art sorting facilities that enable fully automatic sorting of consignments.

These machines are equipped with a variety of belts and highest reliability and longevity are the basic requirements of these belts. The application does not become simpler due to the numerous different paper formats and weights as well as the different surfaces with different coefficients of friction. A 180 mm thick Tyvek C4 cover behaves quite differently than a 20-pound, stapled magazine that is open on three sides, or a film-wrapped shipment.

In addition, a specific task must be fulfilled at each point of the system with specialized belt types and surfaces. Of particular importance is the correct coefficient of friction, which must be as constant as possible over the entire service life of the belt – despite dust, dirt and abrasion of the printing inks. A damage of the shipments by a band must be avoided in any case.

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