Print & Paper


Different, partly filigree substrates, high running speeds, oily inks and dusting powder. The conditions of use in the printing industry and paper processing are not the easiest. But especially here many conveyor belts are needed.

A homogeneous belt construction and a uniform belt drive even at the highest speeds are the task.


Sheetfed offset is the most widely used offset printing process. With him cut paper sheets are passed through the various printing units and printed there via an indirect process.

The great challenge is to handle this paper transport safely and evenly: on the one hand, the paper grades differ in their properties, on the other hand, modern machines process up to 15,000 sheets per hour.

Among other things, bands from BGK are used as suction belts with vacuum perforation in the sheet feeder. As a coating polyurethane and silicone are used. They are resistant to paint and varnish. This ensures a clean installation and at the same time avoids unwanted marking of the printed matter, in which color residues are “stamped” onto the paper.


In the digital printing segment, the requirements are different again. Due to the electrostatic process used there for imaging the printing plate and transferring the dry or liquid toner, the topic of electrostatic charging is of enormous importance. The BGKENDLOSBAND with a defined anti-static finish is an ideal solution for this.


A secure feed of the printed paper sheets is also necessary for further processing in folding and rotary cutting machines and saddle stitchers. Thanks to individual solutions, different coefficients of friction can be achieved, depending on whether the sheets are to be fed into the machine individually or with controlled slippage.