Silicone is a synthetic polymer. Its molecular structure is distinctive. The molecules are comprised of silicone atoms which are bonded to each other via oxygen atoms. This combination of a typically inorganic structure and organic components makes silicone a unique type of material the special characteristics of which cannot be achieved by any other plastic.

BGK silicone truly endless belts are suitable for conveying and machine belt applications like: applications under extreme temperatures, food, oil and chemical applications. Thanks to optimum grip and good abrasion resistance silicone belts are used widely for feeding operations in mail sorting, paper and document handling and box folding applications.‚Äč

Main features:

  • non-ageing, non-stick surface
  • food grade
  • temperature range -60C – + 280C
  • suitable for small pulley diameters and knife edges
  • one side or both sides coated
  • very good chemical and oil resistance
  • abrasion resistant